Frequently Asked Questions About Orange County Airport Shuttles

servicesWhen searching for the right airport shuttle service, how do you know which provider to select?

As a leader in Orange County airport transportation, we receive many questions from potential clients, which is why we’ve comprised these frequently asked questions:

  • How much does shuttle service cost?
    Honestly, you should always call a provider for a quote specific to your own trip. As you know, Orange County is a large area, and your costs will depend on the length of your trip. If a provider claims to have flat fees, ask about any potential surcharges, like after hours or holiday pick-ups. Likewise, compare your shuttle costs to the expenses and headaches of long-term parking to ensure you’re satisfied with your travel budget.


  • What’s the difference between a shuttle and a taxi?
    These terms can sometimes be confusing. People sometimes see shuttles, such as hotel shuttles, as transportation that often runs at certain times, leaving you to wait until the timed intervals while sharing your trip with other travelers. Taxis, on the other hand, are on demand but sometimes pricey. Our Orange County Shuttle Services, however, provides airport transportation any time, any day, and your trip will always be private. We specialize in helping travelers take the headache out of their airport commutes.


  • How can I find the best airport shuttles in Orange County?
    You want to go with a reputable provider who provides safe drivers with training and extensive background checks. Likewise, you want a service that provides clean, safe, immaculately maintained vehicles, and that offers 24/7 service for those truly awkward flight times. Finally, you want to get a quote upfront so you can budget accordingly.


  • How far ahead to I need to make an appointment?
    While planning ahead is always best, good providers like us understand that air travel is often a mess of delays or rerouting. That’s why we have round the clock dispatchers who can get you a courteous driver when you need one.


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